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Strong. Sophisticated. Stylish. With the recommended men’s hair care products from Giovanni®, you really can enjoy amazing hair without harsh chemicals and animal cruelty. Founded by Arthur Guidotti in 1979, Giovanni® has been creating gentle, high-performing formulas for 40 years. Browse the collection to discover cutting-edge botanical-infused products recommended especially for men’s hair and skin types.

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Balanced & Effective

To streamline your search for the perfect product, we’ve gathered all of our men’s hair care and skin care products into one convenient location. Browse our best-selling formulas, including:

  • Invigorating, sulfate-free shampoos
  • Balanced, paraben-free conditioners
  • Fresh-smelling styling products that rinse out with ease
  • Moisturizing and gentle shaving creams
  • Powerful facial cleansers

Our innovative formulas include a number of effective ingredients, including botanical extracts and moisturizing oils. We also avoid parabens and artificial colors for gentler, high-performance hair and skin products that won’t strip moisture or color.

Discover Your Signature Style at Giovanni®

Men’s hair care products should empower you to rock your favorite hairstyle with confidence. Reach out if you have any questions about the best men’s products for different hair types.