Nourish Over-Processed and Tired Hair With Our Dual Nutrient Complex

Cleanse, condition, hydrate, and style dry and unruly hair with our very own Dual Nutrient Complex of pineapple and ginger. Sweet and juicy, pineapple softens your hair and adds a beautiful shine, while ginger root offers moisturizing powers to hydrate thirsty locks. A perfect balance of fruit and spice enriches and protects each strand for greater elasticity and less breakage.

Enjoy the Combination of Science and Nature with Giovanni® Hair Care

Are you ready to experience stronger, softer, and more luxurious hair without the harsh chemicals present in most salon-quality brands? Giovanni® Ultra-Revive hair care products have been formulated with powerful botanicals and are free from sulfates, parabens, and artificial colors. Our products for damaged hair are gentle on your skin and 100% color-safe.

Learn more about our ingredients and find styling tips and ideas for your hair type in our inspiring Look Book. Step into compelling, high-performance formulas that can help revive your hair today!