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2chic® Ultra-Revive

2chic® Ultra-Revive: Revitalize hair; Restores dry, lifeless, and brittle hair with shine & luster; Tropical Essences that smell island fresh; Softness for manageability; it’s color-Safe and vegan-friendly.

Charged with our own Dual Nutrient Complex of Pineapple + Ginger to nourish dry, unruly hair. Cleanse, condition, nurture, hydrate and style locks in the healthy fruit juices of Pineapple and the natural moisturizing powers of the Ginger Root.

For your healthiest hair, force your hair to shine in a tropical balance of enrichment leaving each tress soft, manageable, and revived. Improve and protect hair’s elasticity with just the right amount of fruit and spice to fortify. This rare mixture of deliciousness leaves hair so healthy, it radiates in beauty.

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