2chic® Clarifying & Calming

Bring out your hair’s natural beauty with 2chic® Clarifying & Calming, Giovanni®’s antioxidant-rich hair care products. These luxurious, botanical-infused products provide incredible manageability to each strand.

2chic® Clarifying & Calming features Giovanni®’s exclusive Dual Purifying Complex, which consists of refreshing Wintergreen and Blue Tansy. Deeply cleanse and remove excess sebum and unwanted residue as powerful Lemon Balm helps reduce excess oils. The intense hydration of Squalane Oil sweeps over your tresses to help protect, moisturize, and prevent breakage for a healthy-looking shine … just in time. That’s what makes 2chic® Clarifying & Calming some of our most sought-after clarifying hair products.

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Clarify and Refresh Your Hair to Bring Out Its True Beauty

Each Giovanni® product is created with wholesome ingredients carefully chosen to work together harmoniously to give your hair exactly the right support. These calming ingredients are supported by other luxurious botanicals in a vegan-friendly, cruelty-free formula that uses no harsh chemicals like sulfates or phthalates. Try the full product line for refreshed, beautiful hair:

Get Salon-Quality Hair at Home

Your hair deserves to shine: Discover 2chic® Clarifying & Calming hair treatment from Giovanni® today.