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Introducing Art of Giovanni®: our line of men’s hair, body and skin care products! This collection features powerful formulations designed specifically for men with extracts of Cedarwood, Sage, Eucalyptus, and Aloe for an incredibly fresh feel that lasts all day. These products both cleanse and style, leaving a mesmerizing scent guaranteed to get you noticed! Browse this selection of our best men’s hair, body and skin care products at Giovanni®.

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Calling All Men…

Giovanni® was created by Arthur Guidotti in 1979. Arthur had great hair, great style, and a passion for his work. He developed formulations for salon hair care, body care, and skin care, and now we are proud to pay homage to Arthur by creating a line of men’s hair care products that models everything he encompassed. Giovanni® has created the perfect collection so that every man can feel, look, and smell incredible! First, cleanse and remove impurities, including dirt, sweat, and excess oils, while conditioning and moisturizing to leave hair, skin, and scalp with a refreshed and renewed feel. Follow with Giovanni®’s unbelievable hair styling products to complete your look. Hair and skin will be healthy-looking and hydrated.

Strong, sophisticated & stylish. This collection is the Art and Soul of Giovanni®.


Powerful Botanical Ingredients

Like all our collections, our best men’s hair care products feature potent botanicals that cleanse and style without the use of harsh chemicals. Cedarwood Oil calms hair, skin, and scalp to combat dryness and leave touchable tresses. The strong, natural hydration properties of Aloe Vera moisturize and condition, strengthening the hair’s texture and smoothing frizz. We also employ Sage to balance the hair’s natural oils and protect its elasticity. It also moisturizes, which helps to prevent breakage. Eucalyptus coats hair with moisture, protecting it from environmental damage and delivering a stunning shine.

For outstanding men’s hair care products that are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free, choose Giovanni®. Explore the collection today!