Giovanni® is committed to bridging the GAP between Science and Nature, by fostering a corporate culture that cares about our environment. Small steps make a big impact when we, as a community come together to reduce our carbon footprint.

Rule of Balance

Our Founder, Arthur Guidotti, was a hair stylist on the famous Sunset strip for many years. He experienced firsthand the adverse effects of repeated use of harsh chemicals on the human body. After suffering from severe reactions to his skin he tried product after product in search of a hair care line that would leave his skin feeling whole. But when none could be found, he began to explore the possibility of creating his own line of professional hair care products, with the Giovanni® Rule of Balance in mind. He wanted clean products without sacrificing high performing professional results. Since 1979 Giovanni® has grown our selection of clean beauty to a over 150 different hair, skin and body care products.

Leaping Bunny

Giovanni® is proud to say that our products have never been tested on animals. We cherish our furry friends and have even crafted a complete grooming collection for our lovable fur balls, inspired by our own late Ellie Mae.

Biodegradable Formulas

Giovanni® sees sustainability as a direct connection to how we view nature and those around us. Giovanni® has been creating toxic free biodegradable formulas for over 40 years and offering our consumers high performing non-aerosol styling solutions before it was popular (such as our top selling LA Hold Hair Spritz and Powder Power Dry Shampoo). Giovanni® has crafted our hair care formulas with our planet in mind, our 2chic Ultra Moist Hair Mask uses biodegradable microbeads that leave our oceans free from plastics.

Sustainable Materials

Our lightweight bamboo styling tools are not only ergonomic, but they are also made from one of the most ecofriendly and fastest growing materials known to man. Giovanni® continually strives to bridge the gap between science and nature with our product offers.

100% Vegetarian

Giovanni® products are 100% vegetarian (and 98% vegan-friendly with the only exceptions being our Hot Chocolate™ Sugar Scrub which contains honey, and our Magnetic Wax which contains Lactoferrin).

Recyclable Packaging

Giovanni® bottles are recyclable and ship with biodegradable packing peanuts that you can add to your compost.

Family Culture

At Giovanni®, sustainability runs deeper than reducing our carbon footprint. As a family-owned company, we have been able to maintain a company culture that not only values our planet but our community as well.

Community Support

Small steps make a big impact. During the last few years Giovanni® has had the opportunity to partner with the LA Mission, The Dream Center, WT CARES, and others to brighten our communities.

We encourage our consumers to join us in taking the small steps around them to make the world a better place, whether dropping your empty Giovanni® Shampoo tube in the recycle bin or styling your elderly neighbors locks in exchange for a smile. Our communities are where we can make the biggest impact.