About Giovanni

When it comes to fashion, we all know that it’s not just about the clothes you wear – your hair is just as important! That’s why Giovanni® Eco Chic® Beauty has become the go-to brand for fashion-forward individuals looking to maintain healthy, gorgeous locks.

Giovanni® Eco Chic® Beauty is known for its natural and botanical ingredients, recyclable packaging, and innovative formulas. But it’s not just the quality of the products that make them a perfect fit for the fashion industry – it’s the brand’s commitment to creativity and self-expression.

At Giovanni® Eco Chic® Beauty, we believe that your hair is an extension of your personality and style. That’s why we offer a wide range of products to cater to different hair types and textures, from curly to straight and everything in between. Whether you want to add volume, define your curls, or simply keep your hair healthy and shiny, Giovanni® Eco Chic® Beauty has got you covered.

But our commitment to fashion doesn’t stop there. Giovanni® Eco Chic® Beauty has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in fashion to bring our customers the latest trends and styles. From runway shows to editorial shoots, our products have been used by top hairstylists and designers to create unforgettable looks.

In addition to our partnerships, Giovanni® Eco Chic® Beauty has also been featured in numerous fashion publications, proving that our products are not just great for your hair, but also a must-have accessory for any fashionista.

So, whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or just someone who wants to look and feel their best, Giovanni® Eco Chic® Beauty is the perfect choice for you. With our natural and botanical ingredients, vegan offerings, recyclable packaging, and commitment to creativity and self-expression, you can trust us to help you achieve the perfect head-to-toe fashion look.

2017: Behind The Scenes

Giovanni® was the first full-range, salon-inspired hair care brand in natural product stores, and today is the #1 selling hair care line in the United States Natural Products Industry according to SPINS®. But before there was a brand, there was a pioneer. Arthur Guidotti had a vision and a love for all things hair. He began developing his passion as a hairstylist in Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Giovanni® Rose Up From Humble Roots

Arthur worked for a time with hairstylist icon Gene Shacove and was a close associate with “the father of hair color,” Al Lapin. By the 1960s, Arthur was maturing his talents and decided to open his first salon, On Sunset. The salon was a bustling site on the famous Sunset Strip, and it was often frequented by many Hollywood celebrities, including Lucille Ball.

With time, Arthur’s hands started to react from the products used in the salons, and he tried product after product in search of a hair care line that would not cause a reaction on his skin. He began to explore the possibility of creating his own line of professional hair care products.

By 1979, Arthur and his business partner had founded Giovanni®. His son, G. James Guidotti, was only eight years old at the time but would become the visionary to take Giovanni® to new heights. With only three employees and twelve products, the company was off on a wild ride that became the Giovanni® brand.

G. James Guidotti Takes the Company to a New Level

Growing up in salons and the beauty industry affected the way James saw and felt about hair care. Before Giovanni®, natural hair care was generic and uninspiring. James injected style into the natural products industry. He wanted to be the “Valentino” of natural hair care. Growing up, Sebastian International, founded by John and Geri Sebastian, was one of his favorite hair care brands because they were cutting-edge and fashion-forward. He knew this was what was missing in the natural world. His vision was to create his own fashion-forward company to meet the needs of the natural consumer. Innovation was the key to his success. James took the company from a handful of employees to dozens and increased the product lines to a portfolio of more than 150 products.

Today Giovanni® is recognized as a natural products industry leader, but success was not won overnight. The early years were filled with risk and sleepless nights, as Giovanni® wondered if the return would come through to pay off the huge charges made to credit cards to fund various daily operations and marketing activities. Giovanni® was pushing the envelope in the natural world. They used edgy models at trade shows that oftentimes generated a mail room full of complaints and criticism. We were setting up photo shoots when the rest of the industry was relying on stock photography. And they were the only natural hair care company willing to take the risk of developing complex, innovative, and patented packaging molds.

Giovanni®’s Success Is All About the Products

What truly garnered the attention of the natural products industry was Giovanni®’s ability to grow the hair care category. To Giovanni, innovation was not only creating a chic alternative but offering the consumer a world of sophistication never before seen in the natural channel. Giovanni® erased the lines between natural and professional hair care and offered the consumer complete hair care solutions. No longer were the natural retail shelves lined only with blasé shampoos and conditioners. Giovanni® brought new life to the category by introducing natural styling aids, hair treatments, hair reconstructors, setting lotions, and more. Consumers could now choose from a plethora of gels, mousses, hair sprays, leave-in conditioners, vitamin hair treatments, and hair reconstructors to achieve their unique look and style without settling for unnatural alternatives.

In the end, Giovanni® came out on top. James had successfully infused chic into natural. Giovanni® had gained a reputation as innovators within the industry, and consumers embraced the idea that Beauty from the Elements is Chic on the Street®. Giovanni® became to the natural products industry what Sebastian was to the salon industry, and it would take more than a decade for the industry to catch up.

Giovanni® is committed to creating only the highest-performance formulations, wrapped in aesthetically beautiful, eco-friendly packaging and marketed with extraordinary visuals and graphics.