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At Giovanni®, we’re all about healthy hair, healthy people, and a healthy planet. From the ingredients we use to the packaging we’ve designed, there is a lot to love about Giovanni®! Find the answers to your most pressing questions by browsing the topics below.


All of our products are vegan except our Magnetic Hair Care products (which contain lactoferrin) and our Hot Chocolate™ Sugar Scrub (which contains honey).

Our product formulations contain ingredients that are derived from a variety of sources and combinations of derivatives. They are manufactured where products with gluten are also produced. With this in mind, we cannot ensure that cross-contamination will not occur during the manufacturing process. As such, we cannot explicitly guarantee that our products are gluten-free.

If you are sensitive to an ingredient or want to decrease your exposure to a specific ingredient, it is important to know exactly what your personal care products are made of before you make your purchase. Therefore, we suggest that you study the product in question to determine what ingredients are used. Due to the chain of supply, certain Giovanni® products may have “previous ingredient statements.” Please refer to the ingredient label as affixed to or printed on each product and read more about our ingredients here. Fortunately, many people with sensitivities and allergies have used our products with great success, and we hope that you will have an overwhelmingly positive experience with our scientifically-based formulations.

No. You can read more about our ingredients here.

None of our products contain Phthalates. You can read more about our ingredients here.

Fragrances can refer to essential oils, synthetic fragrances, or natural fragrances, and each can be present by itself or in combination with the other types in a single product formula. The majority of products at Giovanni® contain only natural fragrances and essential oils. Occasionally, using synthetic fragrance is necessary for product stability. All fragrances are disclosed in the ingredient list for each product.

Our Commitment to Animal Welfare

No, we have never tested our products on animals, and our company is proudly Leaping Bunny certified.

Manufacturing Process

All of our finished products are made in sunny Southern California from the highest-quality globally-sourced ingredients.

As a general rule, our products have a 3-year plus shelf life from the date of production. You can determine the production date of your product by referring to the batch code printed on the packaging. Please click here for an explanation of how to read the batch code.

Finished Products

Hypoallergenic is a term that was coined by advertisers (based on the Greek prefix hypo, meaning “below normal” or “slightly”) and was first used in a cosmetics campaign in 1953. Any consumer could, at any time, find themselves allergic to any ingredient. Giovanni® uses ingredients that are mild and plant-based, so allergic reactions are rare. However, it is recommended when using any new product to do a small patch test on your skin before applying it over a large area.

All Giovanni® pH-balanced shampoos and conditioners will gently cleanse and condition without drying or stripping the oils found in both uncolored and color-treated hair. We use mild, gentle surfactants (foaming agents), and our products contain no sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates nor the other harsh chemicals found in many brands.

Our hair care collections have been developed with specific hair types in mind. Each collection contains the full range of products you need for washing, conditioning, treating, and styling your hair. These are our recommendations for the most common hair types:

At Giovanni®, we want to give you a salon look every time. Browse our Look Book and click on the hairstyle you like to view step-by-step instructions on how to achieve that look at home.

Ordering, Shipping & Returns

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we use biodegradable packing peanuts to make sure your order arrives safely.

Creating an account gives you an easy way to save your shopping cart and track your order. If you are at least 16 years of age, you can create an account here. Salon professionals can register here to inquire about a professional rate on all of our products.

Authorized Giovanni® Retailers

For a non-comprehensive list of authorized Giovanni® retailers in the United States and Canada, please click here.

Our products are also available with Prime Shipping on the Giovanni® Store on

Valued customers, please note: Parties offering Giovanni® products on Amazon® and eBay® that are not listed among our authorized distributors may be selling imitation or expired Giovanni® products, and the quality of these products may not match up to the high standards you are used to. We recommend verifying a Giovanni® retailer by referring to our official listing before purchasing a product online, as we will NOT honor our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee on products purchased through non-authorized retailers.

Connect with Giovanni®

Samples may be available with a product purchase if specifically stated on this site. Our retailers frequently have samples and/or testers available for you to try.

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