All our finished products are made in sunny Southern California. Our ingredients have sources worldwide.

All Giovanni pH balanced shampoos and conditioners will gently cleanse and condition without drying or stripping most natural and color treated hair. We use mild gentle surfactants (foaming agents) and our products contain no sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, or other harsh chemicals found in many brands.

Hypoallergenic is a term coined by advertisers (based on the Greek prefix hypo meaning “below normal” or “slightly”) and first used in a cosmetics campaign in 1953. Any consumer could at any time, find themselves allergic to any ingredient. Giovanni uses ingredients that are mild and plant based so allergic reactions are rare. It is recommended when using any new product to do a patch test on your skin

Our product formulations contain ingredients that are derived from a variety of sources and combinations of derivatives. They are manufactured where products with gluten are also produced. With this in mind, we cannot ensure cross contamination will not occur during the manufacturing process. We cannot explicitly guarantee that are products are gluten-free.

If you are sensitive to an ingredient or want to decrease your exposure to a specific ingredient, it is important to know exactly what your personal care products are made of before your purchase. Therefore, we suggest that you study the product in question to know what ingredients are used. Due to the chain of supply certain Giovanni products may have previous ingredient statements. Please refer to the ingredient label as affixed to or printed on each product.

We understand how difficult it can be finding products that meet the requirements of a restricted lifestyle and we wish you success in finding the product that meets your needs.

Many people with sensitivities and allergies have used our products with great success.

All our products are vegan except our Magnetic shampoo, conditioner, power treatment, styling gel and styling wax which contains lactoferrin, and our Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub which contains honey.

None of our products contain Phthalates.

Fragrances can refer to essential oils, synthetic fragrance or natural fragrance and each can be present by itself or in combination with each other in a product formula. With regard to fragrance the majority of Giovanni products contain only natural fragrance and essential oils. When synthetic fragrance is used in certain products it is necessary to ensure product stability.

We print a batch code on every product that determines the production date. Please click here for an explanation of how to read the batch code.

As a general rule our products have a 3 year plus shelf life.

No, we have never tested our products on animals.

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Samples may be available if specifically stated on this Site. Our health food retailers frequently have samples and/or testers available for you to try.