Magnetic Hair Care

Our Magnetic Hair Care system is inspired by the science of healthy hair. After years of combing, brushing, and blow-drying, your tresses become negatively charged — an effect which is compounded by the use of chemical products such as colors, relaxers, and permanent waves. Our specially-formulated protein treatment for damaged hair is designed to balance the negative charge present in each strand with microscopic particles of Magnetite (Fe304) that condition your hair exactly where it’s needed.

the science behind Magneticd Hair Care

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The Science Behind Our Cutting-Edge Magnetic Hair Care System

Magnetite (Fe304) is a mineral that possesses its own earth-derived magnetic charge. When combined with the wholesome proteins and conditioners in our protein treatment for damaged hair, this powerful mineral forms positively-charged Micro-Magnets™ that bind to the negatively-charged areas of your hair for customized, strand-by-strand conditioning. The benefits for your hair are impressive, including:

  • Increased shine
  • More manageability
  • Less frizz
  • Increased fullness and volume
  • Stronger, more lustrous hair

Magnetite is truly the secret for enjoying beautiful hair!

The Perfect Combination of Nature and Science

Our innovative protein treatment system for damaged hair is color-safe and free from parabens and harsh chemicals. Rather than adding to the negative charge of your locks like most hair products, Magnetic Hair Care provides the solution for achieving deeply conditioned hair that is truly ravishing.

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