Strut into Fall with Confidence: with Tips from Hollywood Experts

As the sun-soaked days of summer gradually give way to the anticipated new school year, you may have noticed some changes not only in your routine but also in your hair. But rest assured with a little love your locks can maintain their radiance and health throughout the changing seasons. Empowering you to take on this new chapter with bold confidence.

Giovanni® had a fun filled summer launching our New Biotin and Collagen Collection at the recent MUAH event where we got the chance to speak with some of our favorite Hollywood Hairstylists and Makeup artists. We loved their tips and tricks an wanted to share their expertise to help you look your best as you strut into fall this season.

Just like the changing leaves, our hair transforms too, calling for a little extra love and attention. Hair masks restore vibrancy and allow you to channel your unique style, but if you haven’t had the opportunity to indulge your locks in a mask, a go to hair serum is an essential tool, used by Hollywood stylists. As the weather gets colder, you might notice your locks looking a little rough around the edges. Frayed ends can be quickly brought back to vibrancy with a power packed hair serum.

What do the experts look for?

Serums that are designed to be absorbed quickly. Stylist Romina Porras recently used Giovanni® FRIZZ BE GONE™ SUPER-SMOOTHING, ANTI -FRIZZ HAIR SERUM for the opening of League of Legends that will be coming out in November.

Another great trick for easily switching out from Morning classes or the office, to an evening of fun, is picking styling products with a strong enough hold for a great updo and yet easy to comb out without any white residue left behind. This is especially important when changing looks between scenes, mentions, Porras who uses Giovanni® L.A. HOLD™ STYLING GEL as one of her go to products.

Whether it’s a classic bun that exudes sophistication or loose waves that embody a sense of freedom, your crown is an expression of you, so tell your story boldly this season.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks next month.