How to Choose The Best Hair Products For Damaged Hair

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Love it or hate it, life happens to our hair. And it’s not just frequent dyeing, flat-ironing, and chemical treatments that can wreak havoc on your locks — environmental factors, standard hair care products, and even a poor diet can compromise your hair’s luster and shine as well. Join us as we review the best hair products for damaged hair, and start hydrating those locks today!

#3: Nutrafix™ Hair Reconstructor

A bottle of Giovanni Nutrafix™ Hair ReconstructorDamaged hair requires a heavy dose of TLC to help it return to its former glory. The best way to start if your hair is critically damaged is with a deep-reaching protein treatment. Our NUTRAFIX™ Hair Reconstructor has been designed to infuse proteins that restore your hair’s natural richness — re-energizing tired hair and helping cultivate more thickness and volume.

At its core, this ten-minute treatment is infused with plant-derived proteins from Sunflower Oil and Soybean Seed Extract as well as a generous helping of Vitamin E and our proprietary mix of lush botanical extracts. Incorporate the best hair products for damaged hair into your routine quickly and effortlessly by massaging the treatment into wet hair after washing, then leave it in for ten minutes before rinsing thoroughly.





#2: Smooth as Silk™

A bottle of Giovanni Smooth As Silk™ Deep Moisture ShampooWhat most people long for deep down is hair that is luxuriously smooth and silky, and our SMOOTH AS SILK™ system is designed to provide exactly that. Because dyed hair needs plenty of conditioning to restore moisture and shine, one of the best hair products for damaged hair is our SMOOTH AS SILK™ Deeper Moisture Conditioner. This botanical-infused formula coats your hair with a bouquet of herbs and fruit that smells just as divine as it feels.

When cleansing dyed or damaged hair, remember to use shampoo less frequently than conditioner, and choose a shampoo that will be especially gentle. We recommend SMOOTH AS SILK™ Deep Moisture Shampoo for regular, if not daily, use. This pearlized formula gently cleanses and soothes with Grapefruit, Apple, and Aloe extracts that help increase shine while smoothing damaged cuticles and calming frizz.

You can add some extra oomph to your routine of the best hair products for damaged hair by adding in our SMOOTH AS SILK XTREME™ Protein Hair Infusion after shampooing and before conditioning. This color-safe, nourishing formula is used by some of the finest professionals and can be applied as often as needed.


#1: 2chic® Repairing

Giovanni 2chic Repairing Yes No PackagingFinally, our #1 pick for damaged hair: an entire collection of sumptuous products that are made specifically for dry and damaged locks. Our 2chic® Repairing collection offers the benefits of our Dual Repairing Complex — a dynamic combination of antioxidant-rich Blackberry and creamy Coconut that hydrates and soothes for everyday loveliness.

This complete line containing some of the best hair products for damaged hair includes everything you need to shine, including:

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hair mask and hot oil treatment for damaged hair
  • Leave-in conditioning + styling elixir
  • Hair oil serum for deep smoothing

Step Into Compelling, High-Performance Combinations

If you’re ready to experience more confident and sumptuous hair, treat your locks to the salon-quality, color-safe formulas from Giovanni. Loved by hair enthusiasts and salon professionals around the country, our best hair products for damaged hair are free from lauryl or laureth sulfates and parabens, presented in aesthetically beautiful, recyclable packaging, and are certified cruelty-free. Join the Giovanni hair care family by shopping our indulgent hair products.