Benefits of Using Botanicals in Hair Products

A woman washing her hair in a waterfall.


When you want that salon-quality look every day of the year, hair products with botanical ingredients infuse your routine with top-class nourishment. Discover the benefits of botanical hair care for a healthy, confident, and empowered you!

1. Botanical Hair Care Packs a Punch

Nature is an expert at multitasking. Take Coconut, for example. It produces water, meat, milk, cream, oil, and fiber, all in one convenient, tropical package! The results have wide-ranging applications, too — Coconut Oil alone is a star ingredient in raw and cooked recipes as well as moisturizing skin and hair care products.

Hair products with botanical extracts combine the properties of each star ingredient for a shorter and more streamlined ingredient list. Rather than using multiple chemicals that each have only one function, botanicals can fill a range of functions at once — making your hair care formulas simpler, gentler, and kinder to your skin.

2. Plant-Derived Ingredients Are Better For The Planet

We’re all about sustainability, and hair care products with botanical ingredients break down in the ground much more easily once you’re done getting gorgeous. Plant-based oils and extracts from plants are much more environmentally-friendly than synthetic alternatives, and our packaging can be recycled, too! 

Take advantage of the protective properties of Hemp, the antioxidants in Blackberries, the deep moisture of Shea Butter, and the deep cleansing of Tea Tree in our botanical-infused hair products to thoroughly nourish your hair and scalp while cycling the plant extracts back to their source.

3. Vegetable Ingredients Are Kinder on Our Furry Friends

If you were to research many popular beauty products, you’d be surprised to discover how many companies use animal testing! At Giovanni, we’ve created hair products with botanical extracts to let our animal friends roam happy and free while still achieving fabulous results for your hair.

To demonstrate our commitment to animal welfare, our botanical-infused hair care products are Leaping Bunny Certified and never tested on animals. Almost all of our products are also vegan-friendly, except for our Magnetic line (which contains thoughtfully-produced lactoferrin) and our Hot Chocolate™ Sugar Scrub (which contains honey).

4. Step Into Compelling, High-Performance Combinations

At Giovanni, we’ve been in the hair care game for over 40 years, and our botanical-infused hair products have just kept getting better and better. Now entering our fifth decade, we’re proud to offer an expanded range of salon-quality, high-performance formulas made with a combination of science and nature.

Experience biodegradable ingredients inside eco-friendly packaging by shopping our chic collections today, and enjoy free samples with your order.