Best Products to Add Volume to Hair

A woman with natural hair volume in a tropical top.

You see the girls in the shampoo ads—their silky, brilliant, volumized locks swishing sensuously in the camera and falling beautifully around their shoulders. The perfect amount of volume, with no frizz or flyaways! It’s dreamy, it’s somewhat unrealistic, but it speaks to what we all long for—silky, healthy, everyday volume. If boosting your hair’s volume is something you desire, try some of our specially-formulated products.

2chic® Ultra-Volume Shampoo

Hair root volume products need to be light and fresh to rejuvenate without adding weight. Much of the volume loss we experience is simply a result of follicles that are weighed down with heavy creams, oils, and dirt. The centerpiece of our 2chic® Ultra-Volume hair care line is our 2chic® Ultra-Volume shampoo, which is infused with the light, fruity island extracts of Tangerine Butter and ripe Papaya. Juicy Tangerine Butter clarifies hair by removing heavy product residue, while Papaya moisturizes to leave hair silky and smooth. This sulfate-free, high-performance shampoo gently cleanses each strand and boosts lift from the root of the hair for locks that are lighter, bouncier, shinier.

2chic® Ultra-Volume Conditioner

For hair with greater volume, getting the conditioner right is essential. Remember what we said about weight? Made specifically for fine or dull hair, our 2chic® Ultra-Volume Conditioner gently protects each strand from the buildup of residue that can weigh you down while softening, detangling, and plumping your hair. Botanical extracts of zingy Grapefruit, exotic Ginseng, and gentle Vanilla work together to seal, energize, and clarify your locks.

2chic® Ultra-Volume Styling Gel

After your hair-wash routine is complete, perfect the volume and fullness for a luxurious style with our 2chic® Ultra-Volume Styling Gel. Featuring the same star ingredients as our Ultra-Volume shampoo and conditioner, this gel works to lock in hair volume while detangling hair and keeping it soft. To further enhance your hair, try blow-drying it while creating volume with a brush. Otherwise, simply leave your hair to air-dry and enjoy full, frizz-free perfection.

More Body™ Hair Thickener

For the ultimate volume TLC, treat your hair to some More Body™ Hair Thickener. This hair volume formulation from our Eco Chic® Hair Care collection can be combined with any of our other haircare systems to seal each cuticle and thicken your locks. Simply comb through wet or damp hair to the ends and style your hair in the updo of your choice. Like all of our hair root volume products, this powerful thickener is color-safe and nongreasy when washed.

Giovanni—Better For You, Better For The Environment

Whether you’re looking for greater hair volume, more shine, healthier curls, or smoother locks, Giovanni offers a gentle, salon-quality solution. Created with fresh botanical extracts and lauryl or laureth sulfate-free, paraben-free formulas, our cutting-edge hair care collections are color-safe, gentle on your skin, and cruelty-free. These luxurious formulas are also packaged inside recyclable bottles to protect the planet while delivering on performance.

Are you ready to cultivate the hair of your dreams? Shop Giovanni online.